Family Fun in a Supportive Atmosphere

FOCUS holds three family and autism-friendly events each year.
They are true judgment free zones where:

  • Children on the autism spectrum can be themselves
  • Children socialize with their peers and have fun
  • Parents can relax and have a good time

FOCUS Fall Party

Kick off the school year in style at the FOCUS Fall Party! Held at the FAVARH, our Fall Party is a great way to let loose and de-stress!

FOCUS Spring Party

Our Spring Party, held during Autism Awareness Month, celebrates the individuality and free spirits of children on the autism spectrum. Our friends at FAVARH provide a great location for this event.

FOCUS Festival for Autism

The Festival for Autism is our annual family friendly carnival that attracts over 300 individuals. Visit our Festival for Autism page to learn more about the Festival!