FOCUS Summer Programs

Extended School Year (ESY) Program:

  • Summer Programing is available to Fresh Start School students.
  • Programing can be individualized to each child’s IEP.
  • Social Learning curriculum is woven throughout the day

Summer Social Skills Immersion Program:

  • Tuition-based
  • Runs 5 hours per day, 4 days per week for 6 weeks
  • Cost is $800 per week
  • The program uses structured and planned activities as tools for learning
  • Creates natural environments for social learning
  • Children learn to belong to a community of peers
  • Creates opportunities to make new friends

Activities include:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Noncompetitive sports
  • Animal care
  • Swimming
  • Field Trips

The Summer Social Skills Immersion Program is open to children aged 8-21.

“This is where my friends are!”

– Max P., Summer Program Participant

Call (860) 693-8809 for more information!