The FOCUS Approach to Autism Treatment

Providing the foundation for social and emotional success!

FOCUS Center for Autism’s mission is to help children and young adults with autism spectrum disorder, and other related disorders, achieve their full potential. Since becoming a nonprofit in 2000, FOCUS has developed a well-respected Milieu Therapy model of treatment that has now served over 600 children and families.

What is Milieu Therapy? A social incubator!

Milieu therapy is the foundation of all FOCUS programs. It is a viable treatment model that has been used for more than half a century in residential and inpatient settings as well as schools. FOCUS has adapted and developed Milieu Therapy to meet the needs of children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The milieu, or “life space”, becomes a structured treatment environment in which everyday events and interpersonal interactions are turned to therapeutic use.

Milieu Therapy:

  • Provides a supportive social learning environment intended to meet the clinical, emotional and social needs of each child.
  • Helps children learn to manage their anxiety, develop impulse control, and gain a sense of competency in dealing with people and life events.
  • Increases awareness of behaviors through peer and staff interaction and feedback.
  • Supports children in developing their social and emotional intelligence

Our well-respected model of care can work for you.
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“In FOCUS, we found a loving community, peopled with kind staff and children who work together to create a holistic social environment.”

– Dalia and Mary P.