The Nesel Pack (a play on the word nestle) designed by student entrepeneurs at the University of Minnesota is designed especially for kids on the autism spectrum and/or who have sensory needs.The Nesel Pack has thick straps and weighted pouches to mimic a compression vest and help with body awareness. There are also clips on the front to attach sensory toys like chewies and fidgets.

The team of six Carlson School of Management seniors behind the Nesel Pack came up with the idea in a class. “.Their goal was to make a backpack that acted like a security blanket by providing comfort wherever you are.


Margaret Semrud-Clikeman, director of the Clinical Behavioral Neuroscience division in the University of Minnesota’s Department of Pediatrics, said she thinks the pack would be an excellent tool – not only for children with autism, but also for kids with anxiety disorders, ADHD and dyslexia – by reinforcing routine and predictability.

For more information, check out the Nesel Pack website or their now closed Kickstarter campaign.