Daily Activities

Update #2 on our Fish Friends

We have some exciting news! Since our last entry, our trout have hatched and passed through the alevin stage. They are now fry! As you can […]

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FOCUS on Healthy Living

Addressing Challenges
FOCUS Center for Autism is dedicated to addressing the critical needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Families with children on the Autism Spectrum […]

Update #1 on our Fish Friends!

Hello Friends!
In a previous blog entry, “FOCUS Fishes for Life Skills Success”, we mentioned we had received 200 fish eggs from Farmington Valley Trout Unlimited as […]

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FOCUS Fishes for Life Skills Success

FOCUS’s Day Program has made a lot of new friends – 200 to be exact! In partnership with Farmington Valley Trout Unlimited, and financed by […]

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