Spend a day with the creatively wired and socially challenged™. Expect the unexpected!

Prepare to expand your horizons with our “Autism Spectrum Unplugged” Panel! The panel is an articulate, brilliant, unique group of current clients, alumni, parents, and staff.

The Autism Spectrum Unplugged Panel travels to schools, businesses and public venues to talk about their experiences of living with Autism. They have enlightened and educated over 100 audiences from Connecticut to Massachusetts and beyond.

Individualized presentations are available for:

  • Schools and Colleges (both students and educators)
  • Conferences
  • Human Resource Agencies
  • Service Providers
  • Medical Personnel
  • PTA/SEPTA meetings

To book a presentation, contact FOCUS at (860) 693-8809.

“I think that anyone would benefit from hearing “The Spectrum Unplugged”, because one child in every 68 is diagnosed on the spectrum. It is imperative that people in the community better understand these individuals! We all need to be more flexible in our thinking and in our dealings with others. Simple accommodations can make a world of difference to people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.”

– Sharon

“I had no idea Autism Spectrum individuals had so much potential.”

– Audience Member.

“The panel helped me to feel that there is hope for my daughter.”