Dear Fresh Start Families,

We hope this finds you and your family well. Today marks five weeks of our closure due to the COVID-19. We, as a staff, have learned a lot in this short time and are feeling good about our developing distance learning plans. We are open to and encourage feedback from you on how it is going on your end and how things may be improved to better meet the student’s and families’ needs. We appreciate the level of engagement and flexibility as we figure things out and add more into the schedule. At this point we are up and running fully with Health and Art being added in this past week!

Parent support groups continue to be available to you virtually via Google Meet each Wednesday at 6pm. We encourage you to take advantage of this added support during this challenging time.

On Thursday April 9th the Commissioner of Education and Governor announced that we will be out of school until at least May 20, 2020. We also received guidance regarding grading and awarding credits for this school year. The Fresh Start School has developed a grading procedure for this time based on that guidance.

For the remaining Marking Period the school will be adopting the following grading procedure:

  • Pass (P)
  • Or Incomplete (INC) if the assignment is not completed by the date it is due
  • Passing with Distinction (PWD) will be awarded to students who are performing at the highest levels (i.e. assignments on time, consistent levels of engagement, assignments completed meeting all expectations, etc.)
    • Students earning an INC can change their grade to a P by submitting any late work
  • Not Passing (NP) will be earned if a student does not successfully complete the assignments by the end of the marking period
    • The students and/or parents are encouraged to reach out to their teachers with questions regarding assignments and/or expectations.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions,

Take care,
Maeghen Plourde Harris, LCSW

Director of Educational Services
Fresh Start School
FOCUS Center for Autism