Our Festival for Autism is coming soon! At the Festival, we will have many Autism-friendly vendors ready to share their services with you. Take a moment and get to know one of our returning vendors, K21 Kid Strong Foundation!

Content in this vendor profile provided by Kristin Garrison, Treasurer of K21 Kid Strong Foundation

kidstrong logoAbout K21 Kid Strong Foundation

K21 Kid Strong Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit organization that offers karate lessons to children who have learning, behavioral and social difficulties. It is a grassroots organization with the potential to expand nationally and internationally through the International Kyokushinkai Union (IKU).


K21 Kid Strong Foundation seeks to help their students develop inner strength, self confidence, and coordination with their mind, body and heart, to develop capacities to meet life’s challenges

What Makes K21 Kid Strong Foundation Unique

K21 Kid Strong Foundation has consulted with experts in the fields of Autism and IKU Kyokushin Karate to develop their program and instruction.K21 Kid Strong Foundation offers a caring environment that allows children ages 5-18 to be themselves and safely show their unique personality traits. By providing this compassionate environment, the after school fitness program works to develop an individual’s social, learning and behavioral skills using the principles of IKU Kyokushin Karate. DSC_6317

How They Serve

K21 Kid Strong Foundation offers one hour instructional classes three times a week.  Among the many skills addressed through IKU Kyokushin Karate instruction are: 

  • Appropriate social skills
  • Respect for authority, parents and peers
  • Discipline to develop self-regulation
  • Physical coordination, and strength  

Tuition is charged for class participation to defray the cost of maintaining the building.

For more information, visit their website!