Building relationships and becoming leaders through serving others.

Mentorship Levels:

CIT: Children 14-16 years old and demonstrate the ability to be sound role models for their peers. CITs assist the staff with younger children and learn skills in goal setting, positive behavior management and role modeling. CIT Group is on Friday but also are integrated into the program every day.

Intern: Children 16 years of age and older. Interns have a stronger hand in the planning and implementation of program activities. Interns work towards achieving their personal goals, and to serve as role models to others.

Graduate Mentor: Young adults who have aged out of the FOCUS program, but who demonstrate the desire to give back to the FOCUS community.

FOCUS is active in providing opportunities for members of the community to interact with children on the autism spectrum. We offer:

  • Undergraduate/Graduate Student Internships: Open to students pursuing degrees in human services or education and wish to gain clinical experience.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Open to individuals who want to serve their community. Credit can be given towards community service hours or course credit.

Our mentorship program is extremely powerful.
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“The time I spent with the wonderful staff helping when needed with everyone. I have learned to socialize and help others socialize with each other.”

– Brian B.

“What I love about being here at FOCUS is that I have great friends and staff that understand me. Before I came here in September I was nothing but depressed. I had no friends, I was bullied constantly and, I was failing in every subject. But, when I first came here everything changed. I had new friends, more respect and, even new ways to learn. My favorite achievement was helping little Kyle talk to others and I even gained a close bond with him.”

– Jeremy