Aloha Means Hello!

The Summer Program is in full swing! Our first week is all about making friends, and there are plenty of opportunities to do so! Our campers are immersed in activities that encourage them to develop, practice, and refine their social skills; all while having fun! From visiting CoCo’s pool to playing at Donna and Fred’s, there is never a dull moment!

FOCUS “Futbol” Frenzy! 

P1060295Week 1 coincided with the World Cup finals, and everyone had soccer fever!  Multiple matches happened over the week, and nearly everyone got involved! Soccer was a great way to teach essential life lessons while being physically active. Our campers practiced sportsmanship and learned the importance of teamwork. When they passed the ball to their teammate and gave them a chance to score, they learned to defer their individual desire to display their skills to the wants and needs of the group; a prime example of prosocial behavior!


Welcome to the Wilderness School! 

20140709_103031Every Wednesday, the Summer Program treks up to East Hartland to attend the Wilderness School! FOCUS has partnered with the Wilderness School since the summer of 2008, providing an unique experience for our campers. At the Wilderness School, our campers are encouraged to “expand their comfort circle” through various team building activities. They play exciting partner games like “Mail Call”, learn to set goals when creating their “Intention Sticks”, and practice teamwork when participating in a game of “Alaskan Baseball”!

Campers Learn Life Skills

Our Summer Program teaches life skills in rewarding ways. Every Friday, our campers have the opportunity to attend tag sales in the community. Our staff finds kid-friendly tag sales for our campers to attend, and they are given a small amount of money to purchase any items that can fit in a brown paper lunch bag. Our campers learn how to budget their money, appropriately purchase items, and organize their purchases. This week, we had a big group of tag salers who made some excellent bargains!

Keep an eye on our blog to see what will happen during Week 2!