Week 2 of the Summer Program was full of fun and adventure! This week, our campers were exposed to new experiences that expanded their comfort zones. They have many new memories to share!

Water Fun at the Wilderness School

P1060389This week at the Wilderness School, our campers went canoeing at Burr Pond! Canoeing is a fun activity with lots of health benefits. According to the Better Health Channel, canoeing improves cardiovascular fitness and increases muscle strength. It is also a peaceful way to enjoy the outdoors! Many of our campers tried canoeing for the first time in their lives.

When our campers weren’t canoeing, they practiced flexibility by finding other activities to do. Some played soccer, wiffleball, and Capture the Flag. Others made wonderful works of sandcastle art. It was an exciting time for everyone!

Soaring to New Heights! 

P1060479Another part of Week 2 was our first field trip! Our campers went to Soarin’ Indoors in Manchester, known as New England’s first Indoor Aerial Adventure Center! According to their website, Soarin’ Indoors has multiple courses (known as events) strung up at different heights throughout their 14,000 square foot warehouse. They progress in order of difficulty, with specific challenges to overcome at each event; providing both a physical and mental workout!

Soarin’ Indoors was an excellent experience for our campers. Every camper put forth their best effort, and were proud of their individual accomplishments. They were respectful to the Soarin’ Indoors staff, and listened to instructions well. More importantly, they were supportive of their peers, encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zones and complete their event. What a great team-building day!

What will happen during Week 3? Keep reading our blog to find out!