Wow! It’s hard to believe, but we are halfway through the 2014 Summer Program! This week, our campers had many opportunities to come out of their shell and experience social growth!

Imagination Abounds at FOCUS!


Our summer program ensures our campers experience the social benefits of structured, creative play. Because our campers are not permitted to use electronics until their scheduled “Screen Time”, they occupy their time with board games, exercise, and arts and crafts.  Through these activities, our campers learn sharing, following directions, problem solving, and other essential social skills. They also learn healthy, therapeutic forms of self-expression!

During our visit to the Wilderness School, our campers played a new game which required them to dress in costume. Our campers were able to be silly while wearing the provided costume pieces, and found the process to be very fun! Then, on Thursday, our campers visited The Children’s Museum of West Hartford; one of FOCUS’s favorite places. The Children’s Museum has a plethora of interactive exhibits that spur the imagination and enhance opportunities for learning. The Imagination Playground and Thinker Linker Studio provide an optimal environment for creative play!

Campers Shine at our Talent Show!

10538058_827228000622183_3668790416024816888_nFor the first time, the FOCUS Summer Program had a talent show during Week 3! Our mid-program show provided the opportunity for children who would not be attending later in the summer to show off their hidden talents. It is also an activity full of social learning! Performers practice their routines to ensure they are prepared, reinforcing the skill of following sequential steps and teaching perseverance. Our audience members are instructed in proper performance behavior; sitting quietly during the show, clapping at the end of each performance, and providing positive encouragement to the performers. Finally, our campers experience a boost of confidence as they perform for their peers!

Many of our performers wrote their own songs to sing during the Week 3 talent show. Check out Jack singing “2008 Chevy Impala”:

Wasn’t that great? We can’t wait to see what will happen at the Week 6 talent show!

Keep an eye on our blog to find out what happens during Week 4!