FOCUS has a new website!20140418_115041 (180x135)
You’re invited to check it out.

The website is redesigned to make it easier for you to navigate, offer updated information in a timely manner, and give clearer sense of what FOCUS has to offer you and your family.

Features include ease of navigation. We’ve organized the information on the website in a simple and structured way. The main function of the website is to convey relevant content to our visitors and help you understand our services and the support we can offer your family. We hope the site will encourage you to dig deeper for more information.

Flexible – Interactive

We’re hoping our site can build a community. Interaction with the Autism community is essential to the site. The site has built-in links to social media including Facebook and Twitter. We have a You Tube account too. The Website also has space for a blog. Creating and maintaining a blog is one of the most effective ways to build community and a great way to offer content that promotes dialog. Blogs are a great way to have a conversation with our visitors and families on a regular basis and improve the level of trust website visitors and families have over time.


While you’re there, get a better understanding of Milieu Therapy, look at past episodes of FOCUS on Autism TV, get an update on the FOCUS Festival for Autism, find out where the next Unplugged Panel will be and, enjoy the photos from our programs.   FOCUS-PageHeader_02

FOCUS would like to thank Constanza Gowen-Segovia, Melissa Harris, Rich Hollant, and the Co:Lab team for all of their great teamwork and expertise.

Your Feedback Encouraged

We want to hear from you! Let us know what think and what you might want to see!